Same Sex Parenting

Same sex parenting is becoming a hot issue and it is a very passionate arguement from both sides. Recently studies have been coming out that are saying that there is no difference for the child if he or she is raised by a heterosexual couple or a gay or lesbian couple. People who fight against same sex parenting claim outragious studies saying the child will become gay because they were raised by a gay couple, but we know that is false because we’re finding out more and more that being gay or lesbian is on a genetic level. People also claim that the child will be at a disadvantage becaus there is no set man or woman in the house hold, but that has proven to be beneficial because the child learns that there is no typical “women and men’s work” and the child learns that it’s okay that the man cleans and makes dinner this helps fight off all the stereotypes and makes the child more rounded. Studies have shown that children raised by same sex parents are average on everything from development to iq, and everything inbetween. The only differences studies have shown betweent the two are that the children raised by same sex couples are more accepting of other people and their differences which I can we can all agree that is a good thing. Same sex couples have to work tirelessly for years and pay huge amounts of money just to have a child since they can’t do it themselves so it makes perfect sense that they are great parents because they’ve already invest to much time and money into having a child. The studies have made it clear that same sex couples should have every right to adopt or have a child by whatever means they choose.

Josh Fagen


~ by jfagen on December 14, 2009.

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