Examples of being an authoritative parent

I found a few examples of how to be an Authoritative parent. Being an Authoritative parent follows a simple pattern consisting of consistency, love, effective communication and logic. We can all learn strategies to this parenting style, but it is learning the style that is important, and it is rather simple. In all the parenting strategies you attempt, we must remember to follow that basic foundation of consistency, love, effective communication, and logic.
It is in the best interest of the child, that their be firm, somewhat strict rules placed upon them. Examples of such rules would include setting a reasonable bedtime, instructing chores, and making sure that homework is done. These are all simple guidelines that should be met by all children, regardless of age. Of course, certain guidelines should be given for each age group.
Another example of parenting for authoritative parents would be to set a curfew for older children. They should be expected back home at a reasonable time. The thing to remember when striving to accomplish authoritative parenting is to enforce these rules and not just set them.
Anyone can set rules and say them, but without the enforcing of these rules, it is not likely that they will be followed. One way for authoritative parents to enforce such rules would be to discipline the child once the rules are broken. This will show to the child that their will be consequences for the breaking of these rules. (http://www.syl.com/articles/beingauthoritativeparents.html)
As we learned in class, punishment is different than discipline and logical consequences are best!


~ by Jeffery Scott on December 14, 2009.

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