The role of the father

In class we talked about the role fo the father. Traditionally he would be the provider for the family and not be as interactive with the chores and child rearing. Well this is not how it should be. I wonder how this whole role-playing even started. Fathers are just as well equiped to be a “house wife” as mothers. Fathers have the same skills and love that mothers do. They may be different strategies from one another but both provide the same benefits. The thing I thought was so interesting was when a father goes to pick up his child the child gets excited because the dad will always have a fun way to pick up the child, and when the baby sees mom coming to pick them up, they feel a sense of comfort and soothing because mom is always tender with the child. This is so true! I have seen this so much but I never really thought about it. Both ways are very good for the child in their bonding with the parents. I think this is so special.

Now in the real world how would a father go about being a more stay at home father to the baby. For example dad’s don’t get paternity leave. My manager’s wife is about to give birth and she gets 3 months paid maternity leave, and he gets 1 week of unpaid leave. Now how unfair is that? Society sees the mother as the one that should be there for the infant, but why can’t the father? He has the right to be there just as much as the mother does. I don’t know how this can even change. The stereotype is that if a father is too involved he won’t be a hard worker. I think this is so false and that if a father is that dedicated to his family I think he will be just as dedicated to work. I think the only way to get this to change is to educate people. I didn’t even really think about these issues until we discussed it in class. If more people can be educated about this, especially company owners and mangers who give leave, then I think we can start making the step in the right direction for equal rights for both mothers and fathers to be there for their newborns and children.

Lisa Tamburrino


~ by Lisa Tamburrino on December 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “The role of the father”

  1. i totally agree. my boyfriend is a single dad and he is such a good dad. he can even sew. people sort of tease him about being mister mom but i love that about him. defianlty some education would benifit anyone

  2. In a study I saw online somewhere, at some point in time, there was were facts stated that the majority of new mothers wanted to be with their infants more often than not. Sometimes I think that mothers are with their infant babies more often because they gave birth to the child and there is a strong connection not present with husbands. While I agree completely that fathers should become more involved I also understand that naturalness of women being bonded with their children more than fathers. We should always consider true biological differences.

  3. You guys should check out the book Fatherneed by Dr. Kyle Pruett and one that I am proud to be a part of “Why Fathers Count” through Mens Studies Journal. You can find lots of facts, etc. at We have more data/research if you need it. Anything we can do to help you see father’s role in a kid’s life we can help with.

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