Being the last post I figured I would reflect on what I have learned in this class.  I can honestly say this class has changed my life, or more accurately, my future life. Learning it now before I have children is a great way to start integrating the principles so I’ll be ready instead of having to change which is much harder.  I constantly see parents interact with their children and think about how I will do it differently because of what I’ve learned in this class.

I’ve always wanted to have a lot of family time so I could be my children’s father and have sought for career goals that will make it possible.  Learning about fatherhood was such a great reinforcement to my plans and made me realize I can be equally loving and nurturing to my children as my wife is.

Finally, I’m one of the more conservative people I know in my age group and learning about sex and gender really opened my eyes and increased my understanding and compassion for people outside of the male/female feminine/masculine norm.

Scott Montgomery


~ by Scott Montgomery on December 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. I too am a pretty conservative Scott and I really enjoyed your post. I too have learned quite a bit from this class, and I really plan on applying a lot of I got out of it in the future when I start a family.

    -James Frost

  2. Like James, I thought the reflection post was a good idea, and I too share many thoughts with you. I particularly enjoyed the fatherhood unit, as it really taught me what a big role father’s could have in the lives of their kids. Like you said, this class was a future “life changer.”

  3. I’m glad that it was helpful and that you found class material that you can apply to your own (future) lives!

    It was great to have you all in class.

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