Gay Parenting

In a report by Charlotte J. Patterson of the American Psychological Association, it is stated that the only impairment in psychological functioning that homosexuals face in contrast to heterosexuals is the acute distress caused by exposure to the widespread prejudice and discrimination of public opinion. The results of exhaustive research all reach the unanimous conclusion that homosexuality does not in any way detract from a couple’s ability to care for their children. In fact, gays may quite possibly be superior at raising children, as some studies indicate. As gay men are equally likely to have a masculine essence as a feminine one, and the same for lesbians, research indicates that children of gay couples are at no greater risk of developing gender identity, gender-role behavior, or sexual orientation confusion as are children of heterosexual couples.
The issue of gay parenting ultimately falls under the much more controversial topic of gay marriage. Last years Proposition 8 ballot in California was a major setback for the promotion of homosexual unions. Many people believe that marriage is strictly a sacred institution between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. In a world that is seemingly falling to pieces every minute, with people killing each other every day over minor disagreements, difference in skin color, and religious differences, tolerance may be our only hope.
Josh Bently


~ by jdbently on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gay Parenting”

  1. I agree, marriage should be between two people who love eachother! I also think that homosexual couples would do just as good of a job and even better than a heterosexual couple for raising children because of their strong bond to eachother even after all the social ridicule.
    Lisa Tamburrino

  2. It is important that we think about the fact that their are thousands of children every year who will never receive a home. Do we really want to be denying those who studies show provide exceptional childcare from providing for these children? Great post.

    Madelyn King

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