Gay and Lesbian Parenting

In all of our section on parenting, my focus has been most on what is best for children, what styles of parenting help them most, who needs to contribute to make a family work, and the like. I found it very interesting that there are no emotional or psychological problems with gay and lesbian parenting, and that, in fact they are very successful parents. I had never really thought about the outcomes of it. I guess whatever style of parenting works, as long as those involved as parents put it as a priority.

Too many children are born as “oops” babies. Not planned out, or, sometimes, even wanted. Many, though certainly not all, of these children end up in single parent households, or lower SES households that are not equipped to provide everything a child needs.

This is not the case in gay and lesbian couples. They have to plan, and work, and, in the case of adoption, spend thousands of dollars to have a child. These parents, it would seem, would be more committed to the outcome of their child than those who didn’t plan, or didn’t want a child.

Any person who would like to have a child should be allowed to adopt one, regardless of sexual preference. Often times, our stigmas about other peoples decisions affect how we make decisions about them, but this should not be the case. I believe, in the case of adoptions, that any couple, who is willing to put the time, effort, and money into adopting and raising a child should be allowed to do it, those who are willing to pay such prices are more likely to do all they can to ensure the wellbeing, physically, emotionally, educationally, of a child they rear, than parents who didn’t plan to be parents in the first place.

Melissa Call


~ by Melissa on December 13, 2009.

One Response to “Gay and Lesbian Parenting”

  1. Studies have proved that kids raised by same-sex parents show no variation in intelligence, psychiatric disorders, self-esteem, or relationships. In fact, some studies have illustrated that children raised by homosexual parents may have some advantages to their situation.

    Katie Hasiak

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