When we talked about involved fathers and the benefits for the family as a whole when fathers are involved made complete sense. I think that our society could help encourage fathers to do more than be a disciplinarian and an income provider by encouraging it through our media and how businesses treat their employees, both male and female. In shows we only see the guys in situations that encourage distant fathers. I think one of these situations is in teen media where the guys are only interested in sleeping with women. Raising children takes an attachment and how can they be close caring fathers if they only think as far as insemination? They can’t do it very well. Another thing media could change in encouraging close caring fathers is show dads who enjoy taking their kids on day to day events like school. Just showing that they are doing that because they want to not because they are made to do it by their wives can make a big deal on how we view men in general.

I was raised by a single father and I know that he was made a big difference in my life especially since I didn’t have any other close male role models. I also know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there. One person asked if I did all the cooking in the family since I was raised by a man. As if! I love kids and I know my dad does to so who wouldn’t want to be around them?

Emily Blackburn


~ by tidaemily on December 13, 2009.

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