Benefits of involved fathers

We learned in class that having more involved fathers is beneficial to children. Previously societal norms were for fathers to be disciplinarians, and to go to work to bring home the money. We are slowly starting to see a change in what society expects of fathers. This is changing with the increased number of women entering the workforce. Now fathers take their children when mothers cannot whereas in the past women stayed home and only the fathers worked. So what are the benefits the children have with more involved fathers?

On I found an article on the benefits of fathers being more involved in their children’s lives. One of the main benefits they list for girls is they have less mental health issues. It also states that boys have fewer problems with the police. “Teenagers who have grown up feeling close to their fathers in adolescence also go on the have more satisfactory adult marital relationships” ( These finding were based on a study that was performed.

            I believe these two examples help to show that our society does need to accept and push towards fathers being more involved in their children’s lives. It has more benefits that I did not list if you are interested in reading more on this study the website is

Cassidy Gore


~ by cassidyk03 on December 13, 2009.

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