Adoption: A Great Cost for a Great Reward

Even though that the topic of adoption was the last thing we discussed in class, it really stayed with me throughout the day. Adoption is a wonderful thing that helps single pieces that are people become whole as a family. In fact, without adoption, I wouldn’t have known several of my cousins. During our discussion in class, I learned quite a few things concerning the matter but more so, I found out that the cost for a family to adopt was substantial.
The process of adoption is a costly one. The numbers in class showed that domestic adoption costs roughly around $20,000-$40,000, and international runs about $50,000-$80,000. And did I forget to mention that that’s on top of interviews, background checks, and a lengthy bureaucratic process? Here’s a few things you’ll have to go through if you were to adopt domestically:

Agency Fees
-Application fees
-Home Study and preparation services
-Post-placement supervision
-Parent physicals
-Psychiatric evaluations
Attorney Fees
-Document Preparation
-Petitions to the legal system and court representations
Birth parent expenses
-Medical expenses for the child
-Living expenses
-Legal expenses

And those are just a few expenses and hoops that adopting parents have to jump through. These are just a few examples of adoption expenditures. They don’t necessarily include the time invested which wares on a person as well as their wallets. Just think about those who try to adopt internationally. They might and might not go through the exact motions however, things like visas, travel, and the legality when it come to other countries could interfere time wise. After what may seem like forever to a couple or single parent waiting to adopt, caring for the child and constantly being there for it requires a lot of energy.
Of course there’s a lot more to adoption than money and the interactions with second and third parties. There’s the interaction with a new child that you’ve been entrusted with. When the process is over and the child is with their parent, there’s probably no other blissful experience like it.

-class notes and lecture

-James Frost


~ by kersey3 on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Adoption: A Great Cost for a Great Reward”

  1. The idea brought up in class involving that of adoptive and homosexual couples being somewhat ‘better’ parents is both interesting and pragmatic. The process these parents endure is both emotionally and financially exhausting. It proves that it is an accomplishment these couples want out of life for their own fulfillment as well. It just makes sense. Interesting post.

    Kellie Gibson

  2. I just wanted to correct you on one point – international adoptions range from 15k to 80k (not 50-80).

    Just didn’t want anyone being turned off the idea of international adoption because it seems SO unaffordable. Remember – there are also lots of grants/tax credits to help adoptive parents with the costs.

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