Volunteer: Single Family Role Model – The Final Post

The importance of having both gender models was discussed in the lecture. Single parent and same sex families can only provide a single role model for their children. It is very beneficial to the development of children to have both sexes available as role models. As suggested in the lectures, parents in this type of family structure should try to seek role models from trusted and close friends, family, day care, or a teacher at school.

There are however, other resources available that provide roles models to kids that need them. This is typically done after school for a few days a week. One of these organizations is the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. They have branches in most if not all states that provide mentoring services to kids, and provide them with much needed role models. Following is how they this organization defines itself, their mission, and vision. The following is from their website http://www.bbbs.org:

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youth mentoring organization in the United States. We have been the leader in one-to-one youth service for more than a century, developing positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people. Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors children, ages 6 through 18, in communities across the country – including yours.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Vision is successful mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them, contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and stronger communities for all.

Our Mentoring Programs Work
National research has shown that positive relationships between youth and their Big Brothers and Big Sisters mentors have a direct and measurable impact on children’s lives. By participating in our youth mentoring programs, Little Brothers and Sisters are:

More confident in their schoolwork performance

Able to get along better with their families

46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs

27% less likely to begin using alcohol

52% less likely to skip school(Tierney, J.P., Grossman, J.B., and Resch, N.L. (1995)  Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures)”

Understanding the importance of role models can make helping, supporting, and volunteering for organizations such as this much more meaningful.

Behzad Moaddeli


~ by Behzad on December 12, 2009.

One Response to “Volunteer: Single Family Role Model – The Final Post”

  1. I’ve heard about that program before but never really thought of it in that sense: of being a rolemodel of the opposite gender. that’s a really cool idea!
    Emily Blackburn

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