Language Development – Things to know to keep it simple!

While I was writing my second paper for modes I thought to myself, “Parents are so great, and sometimes they love their children so much they might forget to keep it simple and to remember that less is more.” I found a few tips online that reinforce details learned in class concerning language development. The following tips came from Here is the first thing I want to state:

1. The language acquisition of all children occurs gradually through interaction with people and the environment. Remember that experience is what true education entails.

2. Enjoy this exciting period in your child’s development. Talk in a natural way about what he or she is doing, seeing and hearing. Listen to the sounds, and later the words he or she says, and respond, so that your child knows you are listening. Read stories together from an early age, and make communicating fun.
Too often parents act a bit unnaturally with their children. Become truly involved in what they are saying. Acting warmly (with love) will help them grow in language development.

3. Children learn at different rates. Some are fast language learners and some are slow, so it is best not to compare one child’s language development with another’s. The important thing to watch is that language development proceeds steadily, not whether it is fast or slow.
What was learned in class is to not push your child in unnatural ways. Let the child point, and remember to speak to the child constantly asking questions and making statements in a very calm and natural way.

4. With all this I thought, what happens if your child doesn’t speak as he/she should, and when should a parent become concerned? If ‘first words’ have not emerged by 18 months make a concerted effort to spend half an hour a day just playing and interacting one-to-one with your baby. This can be difficult to organize in larger families, but it often does the trick! How to set these times up and maximize their usefulness can be discussed with an SLP, who may suggest and demonstrate various activities.

The idea here is to “keep it simple stupid.” Acting in normal everyday sincere interactions with ideas of fostering growth is what it is about. Don’t get caught up in the “hype” of making your child become something they’re not ready for.

-Jeff Scott


~ by Jeffery Scott on December 11, 2009.

One Response to “Language Development – Things to know to keep it simple!”

  1. One activity with my son that I found to be fun for both of us and a great llanguage development tool was reading. Important thing is to find a fun childrens book that the child enjoys.
    Behzad Moaddeli

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