Do parents treat there adopted children different 8

Do parents treat their adopted children differently than biological children? I’ve always wondered this question especially since we disscussed adopted children in class. My aunt adopted two girls and i wonder if she would have treated biological children differently. In class we learned that you should treat your adopted children differently so they can grow up emotionally healthy ,but just how differently should you treat your children.

One research study indicates that parents do treat adopted children and biological children differently. ” Parenting methods, styles of discipline, the amount of time spent together, and even meals as a family are different depending on whether the kids are adopted or biological.” Though is cautions that not all families act this way. Current research shows that because couples spend more money and invest more time on adopted children they treat those children more special. Some of the reasons for this are because parents who adopt generally have better economic status adn more experience. “Perhaps people who want kids that bad are predisposed to invest more of everything in their children.”

Tida Blackburn


~ by emilytida on December 11, 2009.

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  1. That is a good question. My aunt and uncle adopted two boys and seemed to treat them as if they were there own. They had no kids of their own so I have nothing to compare it too. Still very insightful.

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