Surrogate Mothers

Today if a couple is unable to have a baby for one reason or another they have the option of turning to a surrogate.   A surrogate is a woman who agrees to be implanted with the embryo of another man and women and be the gestational carrier.  Essentially the surrogate mother carries a child that is not her own and gives it away at birth.  This is great for couples who can’t wait long enough to adopt, or would rather have a child with their own genetic makeup but can’t for one reason or another.  But what would poses a women to want to go through the pain and struggles of childbirth for a child that is not hers and a child that she will not ever know?

As we discussed in class, many women would love the opportunity to share their gift of womanhood with someone who may not be able to do so.  Chances are if a couple is looking to a surrogate for a child the reason is because they CAN’T get pregnant.  What could be a better gift for a couple who wants a kid but can’t have one, than a chance to have their own kid (possibly even with their own genetic background.) Other reasons I found for women wanting to be a surrogate included: wanting to know what pregnancy and child birth were like and of course, money. A surrogate mother can make between 25,000 and 50,000 dollars (in some cases even more).

In many states, including our own, gay adoption is still not legal.  Because of this many gay couples turn to surrogates so they may have a child.  Having a women surrogate your child can be very expensive.  After paying for the surrogate there is also fees for clinics, other donors where they apply, lawyer fees, and medical fees.

Tracy Hubertz


~ by tracyhubertz on December 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Surrogate Mothers”

  1. Ive never met a surrogate mother and have nveer known any body to use a suragate mother this is still really strange to me but I think it is a great idea My aunt really wanted kids but couldn’t have any so she adopted but that took a long time
    tida blackburn

  2. Sorry to kind of go against your post, but I think surrogate mothers is kind of a lame idea. I mean, sure people want to have kids but physically can’t, but like we learned in class, there are around 143 million orphans worldwide, and using a surrogate mother robs one of those children with a good chance at life. Also, how can a woman carry a child and have no emotional care for it, and just give it away for money? I just don’t think it’s ethical.

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