Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive

According to lectures/notes, etc, I have gathered that an authoritative parent would be strict yet warm to their child.  They would set rules and boundaries and expect their child to uphold to them, however they would be responsive to their child’s needs.  For example, if the child is expected to wash the dishes, however the child had a really bad day at school and is emotionally compromised, then the parent will be understanding and instead of make the child wash the dishes, rather go into the other room and talk to the child and about how their feeling, etc.  This parent is emotionally understanding, caring, strict, flexible, structure oriented, success promoting, etc.

For an authoritarian parent, they do all that the authoritative parent does, except they are not emotionally understanding, caring, flexible, etc.  This parent does not care about  the child’s emotional and situational state, they care that their rules and structure are followed by them.  They expect high and are inflexible to anything otherwise, it is like trying to jump over the western wall in Jerusalem, theirs no way you can jump it and theirs no way a child can do anything besides following their parents command.

The permissive parent is then the opposite of the authoritarian parent because they are low on authority and high on warmth.  They care so much about their child that they want them to have everything that their little hearts desire, even if it goes against a previously set rule by the parent.  The parent can even act like the child in asking the child if they could follow their rules, however this is only asking, and ultimately provides the child with the authority to choose to do what they want.  The parent is very caring and flexible, not very strict or boundary setting oriented.  The child is almost in a way using the parent to get what they need and the parent facilitates the child in doing as they desire, it is a vicious circle and promotes a lack of respect in authority to the child.

Reuben Cousin


~ by reubencousin on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive”

  1. You did a great job on depiciting the different types of parenting. These different types are so important to predicting how these children will behave. You put in a lot of great facts which I enjoyed reading. Good job!

    Ashley Crawford

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