Packaging Girlhood

In the book Packaging Girlhood it discusses how little girls are born and raised culturally to fit a gender stereotype of a pretty pink princess.  Girls play with dolls, girls are coy and flirt.  Marketing companies have made millions on selling to little girls their femininity.  Girls are innocent. Nothing is worse than losing your innocence.  The  Madonna-Whore complex, perplexes women everywhere. Women are supposed to be cute, sweet, cook while wearing heels and looking perfect. We are supposed to be good in bed, bear children and then be a size two after.  Society and the media show women lost without men, who is  going to open my jar? How will i find my way to the palace?  Advertisements for looking younger are everywhere, get rid of that grey hair, lose those wrinkles, look twenty years younger. Men with gray hair are distinguished, men who have a lot of sex are bachelors or players, men who date older women are seen as something to look up to. Women who do not marry are old maids, women who have a lot of casual sex are slut, women who date younger men are cougars and must have money.  There are so many negative connotations directed towards women and women eat it up. They buy the creams they wear the sexy Halloween costumes.  ITs a terrible thing when a woman can only feel free to dress sexy on Halloween, otherwise, what would people think?  Men need to have more respect for women, but women need to have more respect for themselves and not care so much what society thinks of them but what they think of themselves.  Every woman should read this book, i highly recommend it

apriul benincosa


~ by abenincosa on December 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Packaging Girlhood”

  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job illustrating gender stereotypes and expectations. I could not agree more. We are a decade into the twenty first century and need to adapt to a society more sophisticated than the breadwinner-homemaker pinnacle.

    ‘while wearing heels and looking perfect’ .. so true. how funny.

    Kellie Gibson

  2. This book sounds great! I am going to look it up. Great post!
    Jennifer Poulos

  3. I agree with Kellie. It is too bad that it is 2009 and women can still be seen this way.

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