The Big Talk

Since I was a child, I was sort of left in the dark when it came to the topic of sexuality. My parents for the most part were and still are pretty conservative. Talk of sex was usually taboo in our household and it seemed that my only source to find out what the meaning of sex was was either by means of Melrose Place or 90210. When I got a little bit older it was through the movies that I watched. I guess that I was a tad behind the rest of the crowd since I found out what masturbation was at the age of 16. Sure I heard the term before, but I didn’t really wanna tell anyone that I didn’t know what it meant. I felt if I did that, I would have been seen as idiotic. Now that I’m a little older and have been around the block i’ve learned something. I kind of wish that I would have been a little better informed on these things.

No doubt that introducing one’s children to these things earlier rather than later is a good thing. In class we’ve learned that if parents have open conversations about sex with their children they will benefit from the following:

-Children are more sexually responsible

-Engage in less sexual behavior

-Have fewer sexual behavior

-Wait longer to begin sexual activities

-Have less STDs

-Are more consistent about birth control and use more effective methods

-Have fewer teen pregnancies

I can also agree that the idea that a young child learning about sex is kind of a hard thing to swallow. As adults and as present or future parents, people should take a professional and adult stance on this topic. They should be supportive and take the lead role to teach their children what sex is. A good teacher teaches everything, not just a portion of the lesson plan.


-James Frost


~ by kersey3 on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Big Talk”

  1. AGREED!!!! Whyyyy is it that we do not have sex education in Utah? This place is just too damn conservative. I had a friend who was 12 years old before she even knew what sex was. That is pathetic on her parents’ part. Maybe if legislation was smarter about these things the teen pregnancy rate wouldn’t be so high, mm? Ahh. Makes me so angry.

    Kellie Gibson

  2. I too was a little behind the scene because my parents didn’t talk to me about sex either. Both luckily and unluckily for me I had some pretty graphic friends and cousins to help me along the way. I think that when it comes to talking to your kids about these types of things it is best to start young. The reason is because if you do then you can start gradual. Over time you and your child will become less awkward when it comes to those situations and hopefully you will be able to talk about everything in the future.

    Tracy Hubertz

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