Sexual Abuse & the Fells Acres Controversy.

Fells Acres was a day care center established in 1966, who would later fall victim to the accuisation of the sexual molestation of children in the year 1984. The day care was primarily run by the Amirault family: mother, Violet, and her children, Cheryl and Gerald.
There had been no complaints in regards to the day care until the fall of 1984. The case went as follows:

In September of 1984, a child who had been attending the day care revealed information to his family that a man who he called “tooky” had pulled his pants down. (For which Gerald admits to: the child had wet his pants and Gerald had to then take him aside to clean him up and give him a new pair of pants.) Later, after additional quiestioning, the child gave more intense details. He claimed to have been both sexually and physically abused and mentioned the used of a “secret room.” He also disclosed that he had not been the only child target to the abuse. He mentioned another boy in the class who had been an alleged victim, for which the boy ultimately denied.

Later that month, over 100 parents were summoned to meet at the police station where a meeting was held on the case of possible abuse. They gave a list of symptoms to the parents for which they might be able to identify if their children were victims, including that of being upset about going to school/daycare, appetite changes, bedwetting, nighmares, etc. The police then asked that the parents talk to their children with persistent questions about a magic room, a clown, and inappropriate happenings at the school. One police officer said “Keep at them [the children]. Don’t do anything that favors the day school. Don’t say anything that favors Mrs. Amirault or the young Amiraults.” Michael Spenser, a parent at the meeting, recalled being told: “God forbid, any of you should show support for the accused. Your children may never forgive you.”

Of the potential 40 cases of sexual abuse, half of the children reported that they enjoyed school and wanted to return. These children reported that they had never seen anyone take their clothes off, never seen a “bad clown,” or heard of any “magic room”. As for the others, however, many of whom had initially denied any abuse, reported having the following instances occur:

-Tied to a tree while “Ms. Cheryl” cut the leg off of a squirrel
-Molested by a clown while he threw fire around the room
-Forced to eat dead frogs
-Forced to eat ice cream off of the trunk of an elephant
-Attacked by robots from Star Wars if they did not consent to sexual favors
-Forced to drink own urine in front of teachers (for which no teacher admits to witnessing)

However true to this case the information is, police investigations later found that repeated and opressive questioning of children can often lead to false information, thus false accuisations.

It is an interesting case, in my opinion. It relates back to what we have been talking about in the last few class periods.. VERY serious consequences can come from not fully identifying with your child the importance of sexual development and the issues that can go wrong with this. It is a precaution all parents should take to protect their child from abuse or any other sort of inappropriate behavior that could happen outside of their supervision.

Kellie Gibson

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