Reaction to Raising Cain reading

One of the topics in the Raising Cain reading that stood out to me was the topic on testosterone. As the reading pointed out, the majority of the nation has the misconception that testosterone causes aggression when it’s actually the opposite. Testosterone is just another hormone that is likely to be in higher concentrations due to the experience of anger and aggression rather than causing it.

At first I thought that the reading made a really great point. If testosterone is a hormone then it should work the same way as other hormones, but then why when athletes or whoever take testosterone to build muscle are often described as being more aggressive afterwards? is it just our own misconceptions that are controlling our observations? Since we are told that testosterone contributes to greater aggression then when we know someone is taking it, are we automatically finding all of their behaviors to be more aggressive?

With a brief search online, the majority of sources say that increased testosterone levels results in increased aggression, muscle growth, hair growth, or hair loss. Obviously it wasn’t a very academic search but the reading spurred me to figure out why we have that assumption that testerone causes aggression.

kathy phan


~ by phankathy on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Reaction to Raising Cain reading”

  1. I agree with this post, I thought the same thing as I was reading that part. Is it only to a certain level that the testosterone does not make you more aggressive, and higher than the “normal” level does?
    Jennifer Poulos

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