RE: The Good Son

In the different articles in “The Good Son” the overall message is parental figures are important in a child’s life. Being parents is not enough to give their child a good life, but being a good parent is what is essential. In “Mark-What are the Ten Commandments” it is quite clear that a troubled boy can be good, but just needs the right guidance. It is common for children that do act out to just be seeking for attention. They might not be getting attention for doing positive actions, so they do negative ones, because it gets a response.

It is important for parents to take responsibility for taking care of their kids. In “When the Media Poisons Our Boys” it makes it clear that there is a lot of material not suited for kids. This material can be damaging for them. It is the parents’ job to protect their kids from images that can be damaging. Movies and televisions shows do have warnings for its viewers. It is up to the parents do makes decisions for their kids. Being active in your child’s life is important. It is better for them to have the answers before they questions.

-Nathan Hu


~ by nathanhu on November 29, 2009.

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