Now I Understand

My wife is a survivor and a current advocate for the Children’s Justice Center.  She has always talked about things that we’ve discussed in our last gender and sexuality section, but I never really had the big picture of why we call it a penis and not a wee wee, and why we talk to our children early about sex instead of letting them learn it from their friends (both cases apply to my upbringing).

This section helped give me the understanding and conviction to raise my future children in a sexually healthier and more open environment.  My wife talked about how different things would’ve turned out if only her parents would’ve sat her down and talked about body parts and touching and sexuality. Instead there was no communication on the subject and thus no opportunity for her to come forward.

Like our teacher said, we can’t avoid everything but we can at least get them as prepared as possible.

Scott Montgomery



~ by Scott Montgomery on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Now I Understand”

  1. I agree with you and also share the basic similar upbringing where our parents relied on the outside world educating us on sex rather than teaching us themselves. In a way, we are learning from another person’s mistake, while our parents choose not to teach us, we now know the benefits to teaching our children about sexuality and how it can help protect them.
    kathy phan

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