Gender stereotype

When we reviewed the literature published for last decade, it was easy to find affluent articles, news, reports and books discussing the negative effects of stereotype of women in all aspects of society. On the other hand, there was little literature focusing on negative effects of stereotype of men. Indeed, media were likely to report many benefits which stem from stereotype of women for men. In fact, women were not only victims of social stereotype, but the men also suffer social stereotype in daily life.

     What is ideal model of “true man”? Based on the survey conducted by many researches, almost people believe men should be strength, stoicism, toughness and dominance over women. Psychologists call such this model of man as traditional stereotype of men. People also think the boy or men are innate lack of expressing emotion or may be good at controlling their emotion. Young boys are often educated by their parents or relatives to be emotionless in the public and private area. For example, many male kids were told keeping calm when you feel fear, hurt and sadness. After long time of educating young male kids, it is early to put them into high risky of poor management of emotion. Some biological evidences reveal that there are no difference in feeling of motion between men and women. Men can feel any emotion as women when they respond same event. Due to the stereotype of society, men were not encouraged to express their depression, sadness and happiness as women so men suffer the problem of empathy and stress. Indeed, men who are unable to express their emotion often develop many health diseases because they are not good at dealing with stress by express of emotion. So I think parent can model emotional connectedness and empathy whatever they are girl or boy.

Chuanjian Wang


~ by chuanjian on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Gender stereotype”

  1. You’re right – men have to live with many negative stereotypes as well. Often this gets ignored when we focus on female stereotypes.

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