Gender roles in single family homes

In all of this talk about the female idolizing the mother and the male idolizing the father, or females learning to be feminine and males showing no emotion,  i was curious as to if the same ideals of males and females of those from “normal” mother, father, 2 parent familys are the same as the the ideal person from a single parent home.  In some brief research online i came across a studied that compared the two.  I found that those from a single parent home, held less ideals of the the typical masculine male or feminine female then those who were brought up in familys with a father and a mother.  Though i didnt find a reason for this i assume from personally coming from a single parent home that it is due to the child seeing there mother able to handle the tasks of a mother and father or of a child able to see the father perform the tasks of a both genders with out prejudice to either role. This was just something i found interesting.

Shaun Thomas




~ by shaunct on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Gender roles in single family homes”

  1. I kind of wished that my parents didn’t hold me too much to the gender stereotypes. Like we’ve gone over in class, it’s best that children are exposed to different roles in the household. In both senses you can learn very essential things however, in a lot of cases when kids are subjected to stereotypes they tend to not be as functional as others who who weren’t necessarily so.

    -James Frost

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