Developing well rounded children

Developing non gender sterotyped children is something parents should take very seriously and should try to teach their children. It’s been shown is studies that if you do raise gender sterotyped children it will seriously limit their develompmental possibilities. For boys it will inhibit emotional expression which means it will be hard for them to show and talk about emotions and feelings and keep them bottled up inside instead of talking and working through their problems. Boys will also be prone to be much more aggressive and have behavorial problems because they have been taught to not show weakness the only emotions that they will show will be aggressive ones. Which also leads to having mental and health issues later in life.

For girls it will mean they won’t have many goals, or career achievement. If they are taught “traditional” woman roles they will think there is no reason for school or for having a career because she will be at home while the husband makes the money. And while many families have a stay at home mom and it works out it’s important that if there are any girls in the family they should be taught that school and career goals are very important so she won’t be dependant on someone and will be able to take care of herself. It is shown that girls will also have poor self esteem. An example of that is that girls think boys are smarter than they are even when it’s shown that girls get better test scores in math, girls will just say it was luck or make another excuse because they don’t think they are as smart as boys.

Good ways of developing non gender stereotyped children are to have both the caregivers engage in equal tasks and hold equal power. This will help the children see that it’s okay for males to work around the house and for females to have higher self esteem by showing them women have just as much power as men. Children seeing both parents working is very encouraging for them. And caregivers should be very careful on what language they use around the children and make sure it’s non stereotyped. The goal of doing these things is to make boys and girls more rounded which will lead to higher self esteem, better communication skills, more motivated, more independent and have positive views on sexuality.

Josh Fagen



~ by jfagen on November 29, 2009.

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