Reaction to The Good Son

In the story of the greedy king and queen, I thought the metaphor of the diamonds representing
greed for material perfection was pretty descriptive. The children felt lost because the adults
lost sight of their responsibility to instill higher morals in their children. I found it amusing that
when the speaker asks the auditorium full boys if they were men, “they raucisouly yelled that
they were,” but when he asks them what makes a man, and how to become a man, they had only
a vague idea of some of the things that men do, like going to college, working, and raising a
family. Society has strayed so far from the mission of finding purpose in life and searching for
truth that kids have little idea as to why we anyone would do anthing that doesn’t immediately
benefit themselves.
The rate of delinquency in todays youth is rising at an alarming rate. As the article explains,
most boys would actually make an effort to behave more responsibly if they knew what it is to be
good. Having positive role models to demonstrate morality and altruism is essential for kids to
understand the importance of the golden rule. The reading made me realize that I too, have forgotten
all the Ten Commandments, and makes one wonder how many people out there don’t even know the Ten
Commandments exist. I agree that “our culture has not done well at educating mothers, fathers, and
other caregivers ont he neurological and hormonal development of their children, so they in turn don’t
know what is required of them to be good caregivers. More literature needs to be brought to the attention
of parents on how to fulfill the emotional needs of our children. In “Grant, Les, and Tommy, The Tragic
Loss of the Father,” it is quite unfortunate and all too common for the extended family to turn their
backs on kids when they need them most. I agree that the mechanization of the human experience through
technology is having a negatve affect on child development.
~Josh Bently


~ by jdbently on November 28, 2009.

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