how parents’ reactions can influence kids’ well-being

Parents have a huge influence on their children especially in the early years. Because of this how parents react on what kids want to do will have a huge influence on how the children feels about themselves. One of the worst things ever is for a child to feel ashamed for being who they are. Perhaps they should feel ashamed with certian actions and reactions to certian things but not to who they are especially if they don’t know they are doing any wrong or they aren’t doing anything wrong. Too quickly some parents can assume that their child knows more than they actually do and react too harshly. A parent should always show unconditional love and show that they love who their child is. If any child wants to do things that some society might consider as feminine or masculine the parents should be leinent. If it really is a big deal on how the child is acting then perhaps introducing some more of the generally same-gender activities. Someone should be able to appreciate and enjoy both “girly” and “manly” activities.

I think that sexuality needs to be something handled similarly to gender in that the parents, whether or not they agree, never make the children feel ashamed to be themselves. When parents make children feel ashamed of themselves it does not make for close and open relationships and explains why a child could even think of suicide. A parent has a huge impact on future decisions of their children so they should do their best to show them why they feel the way they do without anger or disappointment.

Emily Blackburn

~ by tidaemily on November 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “how parents’ reactions can influence kids’ well-being”

  1. Yeah I totally agree with this one. Parents play huge roles in thier children’s lives and always need to show them love no matter who they are. Parents definately influence the futures of their kids, so it is very important to keep a loving relationship with them.

    Mike Angerbauer

  2. Exactly right – we unconditionally love the child, not the behavior!

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