Gender nonconformity

For some children who either display gender nonconformity or have temperaments that might present their behavior as nonconformant in the context of stereotypical gender roles can be emotionally harmed in two ways. They might be mistreated by parents, peers, and society, or suffer from Gender identity disorder.

It is important to differentiate between nonconformity and GID. The behavior can be diagnosed as a disorder if the subject feels distress, and if it interferes with the child’s life. Additionally, temperament shouldn’t be confused with gender role expectation. This can be particularly difficult for boys who are expected to act in certain ways and any deviations from stereotypical expectations can become socially difficult for them.

In searching for articles on this subject I came across a list, on the Childhood Affirmation site, of recommendations for the parents of gender nonconforming children. Most of the items on this list have already been covered in class, but it is still worth repeating the entire list.

1-      Don’t make your children feel bad about their behavior and temperament.

2-      Don’t make the temperament into a sickness.

3-      Don’t blame. In most cases, behavior and temperament are unrelated to other’s actions.

4-      Your children can be different from you and have different interests and temperaments.

5-      Talk to teachers about their and peers interactions with your child.

6-      Help them with ways to handle, deflect, and resist teasing. Talk to them about strategies for doing so.

7-      Accept and respect personal choices.

8-      Nurturing and warm environment can be the only requirements in most cases.

Parents must be concerned and seek professional help if they notice their children exhibiting excessive anxiety or any signs and language that could indicate harming themselves.

Behzad Moaddeli

~ by Behzad on November 26, 2009.

One Response to “Gender nonconformity”

  1. i think that is good that you mentioned that parents should get help, i think sometimes parents feel like failures if they need outside help. but i think everyone can benifit from out side help

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