Media and Gender

It seems to me that since the sexual revolution, girls have been slowly attaining more of a voice. But it seems to be at the expense of men. Commercials are rampant of a man asking “dumb” questions and his wife having to set him straight, wives telling other wives that so and so’s husband is better because of the ring he bought, and moms telling their kids to watch their father before he blows up the house. Homer Simpson is a complete idiot, and an icon. He is funny, because hes a man. It wouldnt work if a woman made those kinds of mistakes in a cartoon. Feminists would freak! Marge and Lisa Simpson are both portrayed as intelligent. I cant think of a cartoon character that is female that makes such stupid remarks or gets into such trouble. It would be very upsetting to people to hear a commercial where a woman sounds like an idiot, or a dad tells the kids to watch mom blow the house up cause she’s not too smart. But people seem to accept this for men, and this attitude may have started with the media trying to empower females, but it has gone too far in taking power away from males.

Even in the toy industry, we see more empowering of females than males. I saw pink guns in the toy isle yesterday. Although I like this for showing girls that they can be girls and like “boy” things, I am also aware that their aren’t blue brooms and kitchen sets. The scales are not equal. I hope the future can bring boys up to equal as it has tried to do, somewhat, for girls.
Jennifer Poulos

~ by sun71 on November 25, 2009.

One Response to “Media and Gender”

  1. It’s good that people are starting to notice that. This is particularly apparanr in commercials. Marketting people must assume that this works in promoting their products, even when the ad is targetting men. Should be interesting to see the marketing research that is supprting this assumption.

    Behzad Moaddeli

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