Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

When we discussed child sexual abuse I found it really interesting. Before that class I had not thought about it. We learned many ways to prevent child abuse in class. Here are a few ways to prevent abuse. You should always have an open dialogue about sex and their bodies. Talking to children about this will also help them know what is right touching and what is wrong touching. Set boundaries. Tell your child who can touch them in certain areas like mom, dad, and doctor and who can’t like their friends. When you do these methods it not only makes your kid aware but it also scares off the sex offenders because they want someone who wont talk to their parents

I decided to look on the internet for other methods parents can employ to keep the child safe. Most of what I found we had already talked about it in class. One thing they mentioned though was that sexual abuse is not always touching but can be some person showing the kids pornography. They gave a few main tips similar to what we had discussed in class 1. Educate your family.2 Talk about sexual abuse 3. set family boundaries 4 get safe adults involved

Tida Blackburn


~ by emilytida on November 25, 2009.

One Response to “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention”

  1. Good post. It is important not to panic if the child sees pornography too. It takes away the taboo if you talk openly about it.
    Jennifer Poulos

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