Sex Offenders

After our discussion in class today I seriously thought about what it means to be a sex offender and the type of impact it could have on your life.  Here is what I found…

A definition I found on the websites states a sex offenders are “offenders who have been sentenced for committing a sexual offense or have a past conviction for an offense involving sexually deviant behavior.”   So we all know that there is a list, accessible to all with an internet connection,  of all the registered sex offenders in all areas of the country.  In fact when you do a google search it is the first thing on the list as soon as you type “sex..”.  How beneficial are these lists and maps?

As we learned in class, most of the time a sex offender screens his victims very closely, meaning he doesn’t randomly pick someone but rather chooses someone he knows is least likely to tell.  Reasons he may know that his particular victim is unlikely to say anything is due to a distant family relationship where communication is not common.  The importance here is that you do form a close enough relationship with your children that they will come to you if something happens.  But even more important than that is you teach them what to do in the type of situations where something might happen to them.  Teaching your children “bad touch” from “good touch” and who is allowed to touch them where and how are a great way to start.

A comment made in class by a student brings me to my next point.  As we were discussing in class how you cannot treat someone to turn their sexual orientation, someone mentioned that you cannot treat someone to not have the feelings that caused them to be a sex offender.  I’ve never thought of a crime in this way before so I was very intrigued.  The same as an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic (even if they are several years sober) a sex offender will always have those tendencies.  As we discussed their behaviors may be modified (which is important) but what they feel may stay the same.

Personally, I see a bigger importance in educating the children right from wrong and what to do in certain situations than relying only on these lists.  I do also see the benefits in using them.  You can’t keep your children to safe when it comes to this matter.  As far as the issue of the sex offenders losing their privacy or it being embarrassing for them I feel they lost those rights when they did whatever they did to be put on the list.   Does anyone have any other thoughts concerning the sexual predator websites?


Tracy Hubertz


~ by tracyhubertz on November 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sex Offenders”

  1. The problem with the predator websites is that many individuals convicted of “child molestation” may not have committed the type of crime that generally comes to mind. It could be an 18 year old who had consensual sex with a minor near his age and is now stigmatized for life. Its scary to think that at 18 you could get into a relationship that backfired and 10 years later parents in your neighborhood keep their children out of the front yard because of you. Also consider the same individual trying the ever enter into a romantic relationship? Eventually you will have to discuss that you are a child sex offender… usually not an attractive quality. I am in no way condoning statutory rape consensual or not, I’m just saying that child molestation convictions exist on a wide spectrum and whether or not all of these convictions warrant such a strong label (we don’t have websites for murderers) is food for thought.
    Madelyn King

  2. I think that these websites are a pretty good deterrent however there are cases where the sex offender labeling goes a bit too far. For instance, a guy I went to high school with mooned someone on the street when he was 19 and supposedly had to register as a sex offender. That’s when it goes a bit too far. If you ask me the best tool against preventing offenses, especially the ones on the internet = Chris Hansen. “If there’s someone strange in the old chatroom? Who ya gonna call?! CHRIS HANSEN!!!

    -james frost

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