Homosexuality and it’s causes

In class today we discussed the many myths attached to homosexuality such as it is contagious, or caused by a person spending too much time with the parent of the opposite sex. I have heard many people who think that “gay” can be “cured” I have never believed this, I have always believed that it was something a person is born with. In this article I found on http://www.guardian.co.uk it states that “Until 2007, CNN polls had found that a majority of Americans believed gay people could change their sexual orientation if they chose to; it was only last year that a majority for the first time said homosexuality was an inborn trait.”

I found the points brought up in class to show that sexuality is biological, not socially caused. Such as most homosexuals especially males are left handed and that it is related to finger legnth interesting. I never knew there were correlations like that! That only makes sense to look for a homosexuality gene. In an article I found it talks about what makes a man more likely to be homosexual. “Scientists have discovered some interesting patterns that may point toward genetic causes of homosexuality. Among the findings is that male homosexuality appears to be inherited more often from the mother than the father (Pillard). Also, natural selection might maintain a gene that may decrease the fecundity of one sex because the same gene also increases the fecundity of the other sex. In fact, recent data shows that female maternal relatives of gay men have higher than average reproduction capacity (Camperio-Ciani)” (http://www.physorg.com/news84720662.html). Perhaps one day a gene will be found that causes homosexuality.

My question is if this gene is found what will people do next? Genetic testing to see if their child will be homosexual so they can terminate pregnancy, like in children with down syndrome? I wonder if it is necessary or even beneficial to isolate this gay gene? What will this accomplish? It will prove that people do not choose to be homosexual and that they cannot change their sexuality. But it will open another whole can of worms.

Cassidy Gore


~ by cassidyk03 on November 24, 2009.

One Response to “Homosexuality and it’s causes”

  1. It would open a can of worms! Im sad to realize how we are still dealing with race issues after all these years and all the mistakes of the past. It seems sometimes we never progress as a nation. I wish people could accept other people and their differences, but I dont see it happening.
    Jennifer Poulos

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