Make believe

I never really thought about make believe play being helpful in a childs development so when i found found out it was i was curious as to why.  Make believe is a crucial part of a childs development because it is a safe place for children to involve there own self expression into what they are doing or achieving, it is also a place where children can get over fears and intitiate action or there own instead or reacting to someone else. Do to modern toys and electronics, children are spending much less time then they use to playing make believe.  Media toys are such as movie action figures like indian jones or disney charactors are made to intice children to perform in make believe but at the same time hinder it because it is in a film that they have already seen and most likely memorized, because of this they try to re incorporate what theyve seen in the moving instead of making up something using there own self expression.  A way for parents to help incorporate make believe into there childs play is to purchase there child art supplies, or non sexuallizeds dolls, and to try and stay aways from electronics.  It is said that the best toy for a child should involve 90 percent the child and 10 percent the toy.


Shaun Thomas

~ by shaunct on November 22, 2009.

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