Love Your Kids No Matter What

As we saw in Ma Vie En Rose, the way that parents, other family members, and neighbors and friends reacted to Ludovic severely affected him. The reactions of his parents were most important to the filmmakers I think because they were most important to Ludovic. His parents’ upset caused him to choose to live with his grandmother even at such a young age. When he returned to live with them and when he was caught in a dress again he was terrified of how his parents would respond.

Young children have only their parents to rely on. Parents are the model for their children all through their lives and can affect them for the better or for the worse. I think that sexual expression is one of the most delicate issues that parents face. And as it is with most delicate issues, it can either end successfully or in disaster, there’s not a lot of middle ground. Parents should be very aware and very sensitive when dealing with their children’s sexual expressions. The way that children are taught or allowed to express their sexuality can affect their development on every level.

Parents should not just ignore this, nor should they let their children believe that anything goes. They should be open and honest and discuss sexual expression with their children and set boundaries. Boundaries can come in a wide variety of ways depending on personal values, but acceptance should always be a part of the arrangements. No matter how children feel or what choices they make they should always know that their parents will be there for them and love them.

-Melinda Perkins


~ by fairydust4ever on November 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Love Your Kids No Matter What”

  1. I agree with this! Love your kids no matter what! And make sure to express it in a way that they know it.
    Rebekah Pinegar

  2. You blog is very nice. What tools did you use to make this?

  3. This is a great post. I think many parents need to realize that the effects they have on their children can surpass their own personal beliefs. If a parent is uncomfortable with sex it is important for the child’s overall health that this issue takes a back seat and the parent is able to muster all their strength in order to avoid problem down the road.

    Madelyn King

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