If Ludovic was my child, this is what I would do

I would absolutely send Ludovic to therapy, the fact that Ludovic is my child and my responsibility, I would want to provide the best care in helping him understand who he is.  The difference however is that I would help Ludovic take a deeper look at who he is and why he is the way he is.  With that said, I would talk to him on many occasions about who he thinks he is and why.  I would not reprimand him in private or public, however I would make it completely aware to him that he is a male and that he believes he is a female and how in “society” that way of thinking is much different then most other people.  I would not say that is necessary bad, but I would help him understand that he would need to understand that other people would feel that is bad or that they would see him as different in some capacity and that it would be important for him to know how to function in society that would not be so difficult for him.

In his social and adult interaction, I would want to know if this problem of his would be largely interfering with his life.   By the fact of interference with him living a successful or at best, normal life then I would perhaps move even deeper into my efforts of helping him in the situation.  According to the American Psychological Association they say, “Peer support from other parents of gender variant children may also be helpful.” (APA)  However difficult this may be, I would put a lot of my energy towards using Ludovic’s peers, along with his therapist and any other outside source to teach him how to behave in the appropriate manner that will allow him to be treated well by others and for him to function well in society.  Regardless of his sexual orientation, I would help him in finding ways to vent about it in the appropriate places and times, along with the appropriate people, I would help him find a balance in how to dress, act, and socially interact with others that would not provide dislike from everyone around him and I would be sure to address him and help him address himself with his thoughts and feelings towards feeling like a girl and how to go on with life living with those thoughts and feelings.

Reuben Cousin


~ by reubencousin on November 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “If Ludovic was my child, this is what I would do”

  1. Do you think it would be easier to just allow them to act like the other gender or to help them tansition physically into the opposite sex?

  2. What about perhaps putting yourself into therapy? I agree that working with him and not publicly criticizing him would be very important as well as putting him into therapy. But I think perhaps if you were a parent to this child that you might benefit from therapy yourself.

    Cassidy Gore

  3. Yes, you are quite correct about therapy, it is very beneficial for any parent raising a “different” child who requires therapy to go through therapy themselves. However, it does not always necessarily imply to every parent, some parents will have larger support groups then others, some may have gone through therapy in the past and others may be psychologically in tune with their situation and how to help themselves, while using their social support, to be an effective father. Therapy is always positive, but its not always good to make over generalizations in the implications and dichotomies of one parent to the next, next thing we know we’re throwing around therapy like apples at the farmers market. Regardless, therapy MAY help in every situation, majorly depending on the quality of the therapist seen and the parent psychological situation.


  4. I agree therapy is great


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