Thoughts on Ma Vie En Rose

I have now seen Ma Vie En Rose a few times and I continue to find it incredibly relevant to our culture today. While tolerance of sexual orientation and identification has increased, there are still many children like Loudovic who receive complex messages from society about who they are and how they should feel which often lead to many complications down the road. I had a friend in high school who like Loudovic felt that he was a woman. However growing up in a Mormon family complicated this desire and ultimately drove him down a hole of depression, bottoming out in a near successful suicide attempt. Not unlike Loudovic crawling into the icebox, my friend desperately looked for an escape.
While I realize that these issues are incredibly complex for all involved, there is a simple bottom line. If we do not help parents accept and understand their children then we can expect to see broken families and some very serious consequences. I would like to believe that no parent, no matter how confused about their child’s desired identity, would prefer to see their child dead then to make a choice such as a sex change. Loudovic’s parents and parents all over need to realize that their obligation and life is dedicated to their children and not to the society around them. Yes, parents need to aim at raising children who function in society, but there is no reason a child such a Loudovic would not. Unless of course his parents continue to abuse and shame him in which case he may become more likely to adopt similar personality traits in his interactions, which is far worse than becoming a woman. In conclusion parents must dedicate themselves fully to supporting and strengthening their children as they grow and become part of society. The most important aspect of this support is perhaps the hardest, and that is supporting the qualities in your child that some members of society, and even yourself may find objectionable. However, through the parent’s strength the child will ultimately find their own.

By Madelyn King


~ by littlegoose08 on November 16, 2009.

One Response to “Thoughts on Ma Vie En Rose”

  1. I completely agree about getting parents to accept their children for who they are. They need to be less pushing, and more understanding, more of a listener. Society has nothing to do with your child. Your child is your child, society should have nothing to do with how you view your child.

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