Ma Vie en Rose

Tyson Ebeling

Writing 2010

Ma Vie en Rose

This movie really opened my eyes, and was very moving. I’ve never really gotten into deep though about whether people are born with their brain wired homosexual or if it had to do with  the way they were raised, the environment in which they were raised in, friends, experiences, etc. Before seeing the movie, if I would have talked to you about the subject, I probably would have argued on the side of sexual preference depends on the environment and influences in early life.

This movie made me think and dig deeper into my thoughts and rationalizations, basically on the whole way I felt about how someone becomes or is homosexual/Bisexual/Gender Identity. During/After watching the movie, I tried very hard to put myself in Ludo’s shoes(and it wasn’t easy because the thought does gross me out, but I don’t judge others and did so for the sake of self-enlightenment) and imagined if I felt as he did, and how hard it would be to deal with the situation and circumstances he was living under; I mean the parents, the societies’ beliefs and ignorance towards things that are unlike the ordinary. It was absolutely absurd and heartbreaking to see a child go through with that (even though it was a movie, I’m sure many children went through it at that time, and I know many people have to deal with it now.) No child should have to be slapped, and put down for being themselves.  So the movie definitely made me open up my mind and sparked an interest into what determines a person’s sexual orientation. I now would not argue for any side more than the other.

Societies’ beliefs in that day in age were the definition of being ignorant. Fortunately, America has made a few changes and has been able to be more accepting of things that are different, and sometimes uncommon. I, for one, couldn’t imagine living in that time and environment where people were so judgmental and hateful. I absolutely couldn’t stand it. I mean people spray painting your garage door for somebody’s kid’s preference/belief. It’s just unreal. It’s hard to comprehend that people were like that. Same with how people used to treat african americans and other minorities. I’m most certainly glad I live in the time I do now, even though we are going through a recession, I think that’s much less of a burden than having to deal with all the hateful ignorance, violence, vandalism, etc.

Now my thought on the parenting…oh boy, the parenting. I can say that they did nothing wrong that I could say as raising the children;Their fault was in the way they handled Ludovic’s situation. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to father a child with views/thoughts/mind as Ludovic’s or anything similar. It may sound horrible to say, but I would have a very hard time having a homosexual child, however, do not question whether I would love them any different than if they were not homosexual. It would just be something that I could never prepare myself for, and I don’t know how I could handle it, simply because I fear the thought of a child being raised in a homosexual family simply because a child NEEDS both a Mother, and a Father’s influence, and when they get an extreme of one, I don’t see how that could be healthy for a child, especially if a child is straight and has to deal with wondering about their parents and what other people think.  These words may offend others, and I’m sorry if it does, because in no way is that my intentions, it’s just my opinion, and as I said earlier, I don’t judge. I wish society was more accepting on things that are out of the ordinary because I can’t stand people who judge me for tattoos/piercings, the way I dress, etc. That doesn’t say anything about who I am inside. It’s just my style. Getting back on point, Ludo’s parents were way out of line in treating him as they did. I would have taken him into counseling most definitely, and had been open-minded and listen to what he said and how he felt. I would then…..Well actually I don’t really know what I would do at that point, I mean it’s something I’ve never had to deal with and something that would be really hard for me. I know I couldn’t allow my child to wear the opposite sexes’ clothes, but their sexual orientation is their sexual orientation, and I wouldn’t try and influence them in either direction. I would simply help them find out who they truly are, and help them gain the tools, strength, etc. to show that to the world and be happy and comfortable with it. Not caring what the closed-minded thought. I would want them to feel just like any other person. Because that’s exactly what they are. They are no different. People are people, no matter what their views, preferences, values are. It’s diversity; It’s what makes life beautiful. Without diversity, what joy would life have to offer.

/Tyson Ebeling


~ by Tyson Ebeling on November 16, 2009.

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