Environment Seems To Be Everything

The movie Ma Vie En Rose that we watched in class last week really got me thinking.  It would be so hard to handle a situation like that.  I feel like environment plays a major role in how parents react.  This was definitely the case with Ludovic’s mother.  She initially was very open to how he was feeling and even let him wear a dress to a party.  Over time, after her husband lost his job and most of the community rebels against them, Ludovic’s mother can’t handle the situation and begins to blame the boy. Ludovic’s parents, especially mother, struggle so much when they are in their initial community.

As soon as they move, a quick change appears in his mothers behavior.  When Ludovic’s mother sees that he changed into the other girls dress at the party in the new community, she immediately starts hitting him and cussing at home.  I think she was so use to the other community, that she just assumed they would all hate their family immediately.  The other parents in the new community stop her without even thinking and say “they just switched costumes”.  The mother feels terrible when she thinks about what she has become.  I think that in the mother’s case, her actions were completely based off the reactions of the communities they were in.

Although this is sad, I think this is understandable.  It would be so hard to see your family struggle financially and see people in your community talking down on your family for any reason. When it’s something as foreign and unusual as this, I think it would make it that much harder for almost any parents to deal with.  Through watching the movie, it’s evident that it is so important for parents to allow a child to feel comfortable with who he or she is.  Many lessons can be learned by watching this movie.

About the Author: I am Ryan Van Wagenen.  I was born in Los Angeles, California to Felicia and Ken Van Wagenen in 1986.  I am graduating from the University of Utah in the spring in Economics and with a minor in Psychology.  Upon graduation, I will be moving to Manhattan in New York City to pursue an Investment Banking job at Citi.  I plan to continue to participate in philanthropy, especially with the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  My family has been working with PCF for a number of years and we love the cause and helping wherever possible.



~ by Ryan Van Wagenen on November 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Environment Seems To Be Everything”

  1. Like I said in another comment, I agree completely with you on the point that parents need to forget about societies thoughts and beliefs when it comes to raising their children. Raise them to be the best they can be, don’t raise them so that you can fit in with what is mainly accepted.

  2. I agree! Thanks for the comment.

    Ryan Van Wagenen

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