Raising Ludovac (Post 7)

Response to guiding question #2:

Raising a child like Ludovac would be very difficult and would take a lot of understanding. As we saw in the movie Ma Vie en Rose the mother and father of Ludovac at first just think he’s a joker child; but as they learn that it isn’t just a joke they both react differently and I think their reaction was normal. When you have children you want them to healthy, loved and cared for and you never think of the gender issues they may be facing. It’s important to expose both girls and boys to all aspects of gender roles such as, cooking, cleaning, fixing things, hard labor, masculine and feminie roles. Personally, I don’t believe that a child who is biologically born a certain gender and mentally thinks they are another gender actually has a mis-gender rather just a mental incapacity for understanding. As children grow up from infancy they learn what being male and females consists of, but my no means does a boy who plays with a cooking set or a girl that plays with trucks mis-gendered; who knows, the boy could be the greatest cook and the girl the greatest inventor of a future car. I think in the case of Ludovac he wasn’t born a boy with his brain saying he’s a girl; I think his brain is just misfiring and he just needs to be treated to be placed back together as a whole.

I don’t believe, as seen in some research, that what toys a child is exposed to in their home really doesn’t play that significant role in their future life; it’s more of what the parents teach and allow the child to do. In the case of Ludovac just because he wanted to play with dolls and dress up doesn’t mean there was anything wrong, the issue that needed to be addressed is when he said he was going to be a girl. He needed to be helped in understanding what his gender was and increase his mental capacity to ensure his nuerons were firing correctly, to solve the issue.

-Becky Knoblauch Smart

~ by Becky Knoblauch Smart on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Raising Ludovac (Post 7)”

  1. I agree. There seems to be some influence on toys being for girls or boys, however, children will gravitate to toys they want, regardless of whether or not a parent gives them to them. Ludovic wanted to play with dolls, and Im sure he would have found some to play with somewhere, even if the parents didnt give them to him. I know girls who seek out trucks and lizards, leaving behind room fulls of dolls and kitchen sets. The child still knows what he/she wants and it is clear to them, if not to the parent.
    Jennifer Poulos

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