Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink was a very interesting and emotional movie about a young boy who thinks, and wants to be a girl. The main character Ludovic is a young boy who thinks and feels like he should be a girl. Because he acts and thinks so femine he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents, and later almost everyone in the neighborhood. Ludovic has a crush on one of his boy class mates and wants to marry him one day. When word gets out that he is confused about his gender he gets beat up in the locker room and even kicked out of school.

One part I found very interesting was how Ludovic got along with his mother and grandmother early on, and seemed to be at odds with his dad. But by the end of the movie the dad was much kinder while the mom had a breakdown and lost all patience with Ludovic. I felt bad for Ludovic because it seemed like his parents never did the right thing. They took him to a therapest to try and fix him, but there is nothing to fix. It seemed like the parents needed counciling instead so they would be more positive and understanding instead of being negative. I also felt bad because only his grandmother was a constant positive outlook on Ludovic. His parents were never on the same page and his brothers never came to his rescue when he needed them.

Ludovic can’t help how he feels about himself, I think this movie really shows how our society is backwards on somethings. Society says that if your a man than you have to be manly, and if your a woman you have to be girlie. But when a boy acts girlie or a girl acts manly people discriminate them and treat them like garbage when the person is just acting how they feel on the inside. This was a very good movie and makes the point that we need to be more accepting of people.


Josh Fagen



~ by jfagen on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. that movie was really intense I dont know what i would do if I had a son with those same feelins. I agree that his parents never did the right thing

    Tida Blackburn

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