My thoughts on Ma Vie en Rose

This movie was very mind opening and emotional. It dealt with the reality of a young boy who did not feel comfortable in his own skin. Could you imagine feeling the way you feel but being in the opposite sex’s body? It would be extremely difficult which I don’t think that anyone could quite understand what that is like unless you are going through it. Ludovic had to deal with this struggle in a society that doesn’t like to deal with anything that isn’t “normal”. Which is hard to believe that people think that being gay or transgender is a choice and they think that they aren’ t “normal”. When in reality it is just all in genetics and everyone is who they are because of biological reactions. We all just are trying to live with what we are given with and no one should be treated any different. Ludovic had to deal with these consequences and he didn’t even know he was doing anything wrong, because this is just how he felt. It is especially hard to watch a child go though this because children are nieve to societies “rules” to being normal. Children just are who they are.

I took a gender studies class last semester and it was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I learned a lot about people in Ludovics situation and it really learned a lot about transgender. This movie was a great way to show the struggle that transgenders have to deal with. Just watching poor Ludovic confused about what is going on internally is so sad to see when there are so  many kids out there that don’t go through any of these struggles. I think gender classes should have to be taken so people can open up there eyes to these situations. Im glad I did and I am glad I got to see this movie. 

Lisa Tamburrino


~ by Lisa Tamburrino on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “My thoughts on Ma Vie en Rose”

  1. My thoughts exactly. Children at that age aren’t too able to figure a lot of things out let alone gender identity. Parents need to be much more understanding in these situations and less centered on how it’s gonna make them out to be. When it comes down to it, a person’s life is at stake here.

    -James Frost

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