Ma Vie En Rose

While I am not usually a fan of movies with subtitles, Ma Vie En Rose was actually a very interesting film.  It did an excellent job of showing how gender identity can cause so much confusion and problems in a family.  Ludovic was not a homosexual, but simply a heterosexual trapped in the wrong body.  This is a concept I had never really understood before seeing the movie.

One thing that really disturbed me in this movie was the family’s response to Ludovic’s gender confusion.  The parents abused him both verbally and physically for doing things that were not in his control.  The fact that they were so mean to him that he eventually tried to kill himself in the freezer is very disturbing.

This film taught me two major things.  The first was how difficult gender identity can be for children.  The second thing it taught me was how a parent should NOT react to a child with gender identity conflicts.  Overall, I thought this film was very valuable.

Eric Harris


~ by ericharris on November 15, 2009.

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