Ma Vie En Rose

I heard about this movie a while ago and have wanted to see it ever since. I was so glad that we got the opportunity to watch it and to relate it to the material in class.

I think we’d all like to believe that we’re the kind of people who would support our children no matter what, without hesitation or anyone kind of inner turmoil. But I think it’s hard to make that call when we’re not in the situation ourselves. I think what really got to Ludovic’s parents was the social pressure. Living in a community, that for me was a little too close to “Stepford”, I think would have a profound effect on how you lived your daily life, let alone how you would deal with something as important and delicate as a child’s sexuality. Their livelihood as well as their social standing depend on what they’re neighbors think of them.

Once their neighbors and supposed friends catch on to the fact that Ludovic and his family might be different from them they start to pull away and look down upon them. The family begins to face ridicule and then starts to crumble. One brother stops the other from protecting Ludovic and his parents blame him for all of their problems. I think it really took leaving their community and the pressures that they faced there in order to realize their true feelings and find acceptance. Living amongst people whose beliefs were not set in stone allowed the family to live as they believed was correct.

Maybe what we should focus on isn’t what we’d do if we were Ludovic’s parents but on what we’d do if we were the friends and neighbors of Ludovic’s family. Would you support them and accept them, or be afraid of the unfamiliar?

-Melinda Perkins


~ by fairydust4ever on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Ma Vie En Rose”

  1. Good point. It seemed the peer pressure from the neighbors had the parents only thinking of what would please the neighbors, and they totally forgot to see what their own child wanted. I think this kind of people pleasing happens alot, sometimes you are too far gone to even realize that your focus has been manipulated, and that you are not who you used to be, even that your own values have totally shifted to please others.
    Jennifer Poulos

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