Learning a new language is considered to be something hard. While picking up a second language is harder as you get older, your first language is not so hard. Many people question what the hardest language to learn is. It is something that is hard to determine and probably will never be answered.

One of the hardest parts of learning language is grammar. Grammar cases had been largely abandoned in the English language. Examples used are he, she, her, him, we, and us. Languages such as German, Polish, and Latin have seven different grammar cases. Other languages need different pronunciation for gender. While English does not really use gender or cases, it has tenses that make the language harder to become fluent in later on.

Another part of learning language is the written language. Because of this some believe that Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn. Each word has a different character. There is no alphabet system in the language. It also has different tones that mean different things. While languages like Chinese have simple grammar the different tones that are needed to mean different words is complicated.

A first language for a child to learn for the most part comes easily. They do not have any pre-existing rules that they follow. Also the capacity to learn a new language is a lot greater. While some languages are arguably some of the hardest to learn, to a new born, is it quite simple. Also the difficulty of learning a language depends on the individual. The rules that govern the language, some might find easier to deal with. People that know multiple languages generally know ones that are similar to their own. An example would be Mandarin and Cantonese are different languages but quite similar.

-Nathan Hu

~ by nathanhu on November 15, 2009.

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