Having a Child Like Ludovic.

Reading everyone’s comments about the film and about what they would do if they had a child like Ludovic and how they would never possible put their child through such abuse and pain, I couldn’t help but think of my own parents and how different their own reaction would have been.

While Ludovic’s parents were very angry, I felt like they weren’t angry at Ludovic as much as they were angry how much impact it would be on their lives. Ludovic’s father is outraged at how it affects his job and relation with his boss, only to later become more understanding and he no longer has to worry about what his boss thinks because he has lost his job. Ludovic’s mother initially was very patient but once her home was threatened and her status in the neighborhood was declining, she become less patient and accusatory. She constantly blames Ludovic for the destruction of her happy life.

If my parents had a child like Ludovic, they wouldn’t be worried about society’s reaction to him as much as they would fear him personally. I learned at a young age that different cultures have different explanations for things, such as homosexuality, and to attempt to change those views is incredibly hard. For my parents, they view homosexuality as a disease, a mental impairment caused by some imbalance of chemicals in the body, something that can never be changed. I feel like Ludovic’s experience is much “easier” than one with my own parents because he would have been treated as an invalid, instead of just a lost child who needed to be redirected to the “right” path. Being an invalid signifies some form of permanency and loss of hope. Although I hope that no child would have to experience the negative emotions and abuse that Ludovic had to experience, I also feel relieved that he didn’t have my own parents to deal with.

I love my parents and they are amazing people but I also understand that culture is sometimes a really difficult thing to change and alter. I could only hope for them to accept a child Ludovic as much as I accept them for their ideals and beliefs. I would hope to react differently from both Ludovic’s parents and my own parents. I want to show my son that I support him even if society doesn’t. You shouldn’t have to restrain your lifestyle (when it doesn’t cause any harm) just because society deems it to be “bad” or “inappropriate.” Society isn’t perfect either and obviously in the past we’ve seen their screw ups. We shouldn’t let society dictate how we treat others and the differences between us.

kathy phan


~ by phankathy on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Having a Child Like Ludovic.”

  1. i think it is hard to say what any of us with out children would do. i think people change alot when they have a child and you would hope you would be understanding but im not sure anyone would be as understanding at first it might really take some getting used to

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