Coming Out

Growing up, I couldn’t imagine having parents like Ludovic’s.  I believe puberty and trying to figure out who you are is hard enough without everyone judging your every move.  I will forever be grateful to my parents for helping me grow up and mature into the person I am today.  They knew about my sexuality before I told them.  And yet, they still accepted me without question.  They continued to let me participate in sports, keep my hair short, and dress in boys clothes.  I think most parents, especially those in Utah, would have done anything to stop me.  So when it came time to actually “come out” to my parents, I knew I was in good hands.  It was nerve-wracking of course, but I knew I would still be loved, appreciated, and understood.  I think that’s what every parent needs to provide their children with: security.  Children shouldn’t have to worry about disappointing their parents with things they’re born with.

~ by Marissa Hayes on November 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Coming Out”

  1. that is awesome you are very lucky indeed. many parents do have a hard time at first. but you are very lucky in deed.

  2. How does a child who thinks they are born with something explain to parents that don’t believe that a child can be born with that, that the child is gay? IT must be tough certainly to explain to anyone but especially to parents who belive that gay is a choice and not a biological factor.

  3. I agree. It would be so terrifying as well as confusing, as a child, to seem ‘different’ in society. I am straight and know the troubles everyone faces, especially when one considers that of maturity and sexuality. I cannot imagine the pressure involved when a child faces such decisions alone. Parents need to be fully supportive and accepting, in my opinion, as things are so difficult as it is.

    Kellie Gibson

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