Now a days more and more children are becoming bilingual. I think it is a great asset for there future. My family on my mom side are bilingual and they are teaching their children to be bilingual too. My cousin Pin who lives in thailand goes to a special private school where all they speak is english. My cousin Pe wait is already signing up is 4month old son for a preschool that teaches chinese. Not only that but they are teaching him english. Children who grow up bilingual have many benifits they can go to other countries and speak like a native.

Children who are bilingual can learn languagesin two ways first way is learn the language at the same time or master one language then the other. Either way speaking fluently is easeire to learn when a child.Teaching a child two languages at once does not hinder there learning but actually improve there mastery of languages.  Research has shown that being bilingual improves cognitive ability.

Tida Blackburn

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~ by emilytida on November 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bilingualism”

  1. Is there ever a point of language overload? Or where the child is unable to decipher words to a certain language and just mesh all of the words together to make one big language? I highly agree that bilingualism is a great thing to have but looking back at my own experience, I felt like it inhibited my ability to master each language fully since there are certain sounds that I can’t make for both languages.
    kathy phan

  2. I entirely agree with Tida about bilingualism. In the global market that we currently live in, it’s vital to have training and be proficient in a second language. Personally, I speak two languages and I plan on using the training that I received as tool to better my future. I’ve known several couples that speak two languages in their homes so that their children have the benefits of both styles, and when I see these kids they seem as though they’re a little bit ahead of others their age. The question is why not give your son or daughter the educational advances such as a second language.

    -James Frost

  3. Bilingualism is a huge benefit to the speaker. I grew up only speaking English, but I took five years of Spanish in high school and realize that it has been so helpful to me in so many ways! I think that would be awesome to know two languages fluently though. I am curious about the language overload though, as that sound like an interesting idea. If you are bilingual though (anyone can answer), what language are your dreams in? Thanks.

    Mike Angerbauer

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