A Lot to Think About

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Ludovic and his family. Growing up in a small town in Utah, homosexuality let a lone a case like Ludovic’s wasn’t really a common thing to hear of. No doubt that a situation like this could bring some real turmoil to a person’s life, such turmoil that I couldn’t even fathom.


At first the family tries to play it off as something as just a stage, but at that time in a kid’s life they’re pretty impressionable. Overall the parents do an alright job listening to the boy and it’s quite intriguing to see that the roles of the parents switch as the story goes on. The father who at first seemed on the defensive and acted out violently when he heard the slur “bent,” became a much more caring and loving protecter for young Ludovic. Nowadays, we hear about a lot of men and women coming out and telling their parents and other relatives only to receive harsh treatment from them. Some of the nicest individuals i’ve ever met are homosexual. Even though people have their differences, they’re people. They have freedoms and rights, and even though their lifestyles might be different from my own I know that they should be treated like everyone else.


Like Ludovic, there are people out there who question their gender identity. There’s still so much we don’t understand about what the cause of these issues are. I can honestly tell you that if my son or daughter came to me with this, I wouldn’t know what to do at first. This conflicts with a lot of my personal beliefs, but I would in no doubt try to do what I could to support my child in their time of need.


Ma Vie En Rose


-James Frost


~ by kersey3 on November 15, 2009.

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