Pretty in Pink and all colors too

When we watched Pretty in Pink I felt horrible for the poor son: not only is he gender confused but he doesn’t have a close relationship to his father. It seems that throughout the movie the parents seem to take the wrong reaction to everything he does. At an early age we know that boys and girls know that boys group up to be men and girls grow up to be women. He was heavily influenced by his mother. His mother doted on Ludvic and was the protector while the father was the punisher. He truly admired his grandmother, sister, and mother. In his small universe their were only two types of people: people who were careing, protecting, safe, and fun and rough, noncaring, unemotional, punishing people like his male relatives. He admires his female relatives and their is nothing wrong with him wanting to be like them. This, however, does not mean he has the ability to not be a male. He should just be an androgynous male and he would be ahead of  his family.

I think that what they should have done was sit the boy down and talk it out. Ask why he thinks he should be a male and what qualities he considered female. His parents should have never hit, shaked, or yelled at the boy dispite any hardship they had to endure. He was their child. period. If he still insisted that he was female then you give them something they can understand until they are older and can really have a discussion where they can better express themselves and their reasoning. “you can do what you want when you grow up no matter how I feel about it, but while you are still living here you’ll have to live by the guidelines of this house. No matter what you do now or in the future I’ll always love you but these are the guidelines of the family.” You should probably have another discussion about this confusion when the son is older say 13 years old. I think you handle this the same way you handle a child who doesn’t feel like they should go to church because may be their friends don’t have to. You discuss the issue and then you give them the option of changing how they do things when they are older even if you don’t approve.

 I think one of the main problems with this story isn’t the boy but the society. A society that views women as having to be beautiful and men as having to be unemotional is a corrupted society. I think one of the most interesting things that I learned last year in psychology is that as women and men grow older they tend to start sharing characteristics of the opposite gender. When you talked about people being androgynous I immediately liked that idea- taking the best of both genders. We should strive to be the best we can be and that includes any admirable quality that can be acquired.

Emily Blackburn

~ by emilytida on November 14, 2009.

One Response to “Pretty in Pink and all colors too”

  1. Little girls seem to be able to get away with acting masculine more often than little boys who act in feminine. It seems as though parents respond more negatively to boys who participate in “girly” activities and it is rare for parents to allow their boys to act like a girl more than it is for girls to act like a boy.

    Katie Hasiak

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