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As we watched the movie, “Ma Vie En Rose,” I couldn’t help but think of the things I would have done differently had I been one of Ludovic’s parents. Punishing Ludovic for feeling like he is a girl will not get rid of his feelings.  It will force him to cover up his feeling and lie, to his parents, and perhaps even to himself.  The pressure creates stress and resentment, which leads to many problems down the road.


A big improvement on the way the parent’s reacted would be allowing Ludovic to create his own identity, and supporting him.  Perhaps the one smart thing the parents did in the movie was to take Ludovic to a therapist.  This act alone wasn’t good enough, as the parents also should have gone through therapy also.  Beyond therapy there are support groups to join, and research that can be done.  This all would be helpful in becoming supportive parents to a child who is transsexual.  No one is perfect, and trying to go through a situation like this on your own in our society would not be smart.  I am one of the most radically accepting people I know, and I can see myself in the beginning being embarrassed to be seen with my child.  Of course I would be horrified at being embarrassed and would repress it.  I have already talked about how repression can create problems.


Andrea Hoffman


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Ma Vie En Rose


~ by happysprinkles on November 13, 2009.

One Response to “Ma Vie En Rose Post”

  1. Good post. I wondered during the film, if the parents would have had adequate conversations with Ludovic, if this would have been easier to handle. Poor Ludovic never knew what was going to get him in trouble and what wasnt. Clearly there was not adequate communication.
    Jennifer Poulos

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