Gender Identity Confusion

After watching the video in class about Ludovic, I began to wonder just how common gender Identity confusion really is, not just in children but in adults as well.  In class we defined gender identity as the perception of whether you are male or female regardless of the biology you have.  It is also the degree to which you feel male or female.  In Ludovic’s case he was biologically a male but had the identity of a female.

When someones body does not match up with how they feel on the inside it is called Gender Identity Disorder (Maria Colenso).  Often people will go through great lengths to try to match their appearance to how they fell via cosmetics and surgery.  Although the exact cause of GID is not known many experts believe it is caused by genetic abnormalities, imbalances in hormones while in the womb, and social factors.

According to Maria Colenso GID occurs in males more frequently than in women.  It is estimated that 1 in every 30,000 adult males seek surgery to change their gender appearance where only 1 in every 100,000 seek it.  In most cases individuals who experience GID report the feelings of the condition since childhood.  Treatment can be found for anyone of any age who may be experiencing GID.  The treatment is not intended to help the individual cope and accept themselves rather than to force them to be one gender or another.

Because many people still regard individuals with GID as abnormal their is a highly negative connotation that comes with it making those who have GID fell like they are to blame or too shy to seek help.  It is unfortunate that this is still occurring but it is still important that people be educated so they can accept it.

Tracy Hubertz


Colenso, Maria.  How Gender Identity Disorder Works.


~ by tracyhubertz on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gender Identity Confusion”

  1. If there was ever a topic treated with more disdain than Sex, and yet be so essential to the continuance of our species, it escapes me.
    stuart walker

  2. One reason it may happen more often in boys is because girls dressing as a tomboy is accepted. Perhaps it just stands out more in males then females, that is more parents are seeking help for sons and not daughters.
    Jennifer Poulos

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