Post 6- ABCs of Literacy

At What Age Should You Introduce the Alphabet to Children?

This topic has been quite the controversy at work lately. What age is it appropriate to start introducing the Alphabet to children? Are parents teaching their children the alphabet to their children early for their benefit or the child’s?

The department of Education,  says that the alphabet should be placed on the wall at the children’s eye level. They also state that it is important for young children to see words around them. Labels, books and calendars can help establish literacy and language skills. I think that the consensus is that children should know at least most of the letters of the alphabet by the time they enter Kindergarten in order to have easier time learning. Does this mean you cant start showing them the Alphabet at age 1? No, as long as the parents realize that the child probably won’t retain it. It is more a memorization.


Whitney J Kerr


~ by whitkerr9 on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “Post 6- ABCs of Literacy”

  1. In my experience it seems normal to sing the alphabet and write a child’s name and show it to them when they are very young. Although it may not be particularly helpful, it wouldn’t hurt them at all either.
    Rebekah Pinegar

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